Monday, January 25, 2010

macadamia nut party

I just had a party with myself. I sat on a unoperating railroad track and cracked 12raw macadamia nuts with a rock. I was sitting back away from pedestrians crossing, but in Eyes view. Very good vibe and feeling. Birds singin and watching me, nice warm breezy evening before sunset, people to watch and to watch me.
I enjoyed each and every mac nut slowly and I mixed them in my mouth with organic medjool wet dates.
Wow! What a combination of pure raw flavors. May not be a 'proper' combination of foods for some people, but it seems good for me.

Byron Bay is soooo laid back in many ways. Sitting on the track nearby town, I would appear to be an insane homeless skitzophrenic in many places. In Bryon, people dont even give ya a second look.

The Bangalow Farmers Market is soooo wonderful, pay it a visit if you are around here on Sunday's (every other sunday, I beleive).

Nick and I had some amazing organic Lychees this afternoon. Santos in Byron Bay on Johnson st. sells many organic fruits and veggies.

I love eating a fruitarian diet...its been over a year now and I havent felt any negative affects, besides occasional cravings for cooked vegan fare.

here are some benefits of fruitarianism, I believe am feeling them all....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ymmy salad

how do I turn this photo around?

anyways...this is a creamy corn/avocado dressing I made a poured overy spiralized lime juice added at the end and some sprinkled sweet corn.

Today was a Byron Bay Farmers Market. I went straight to the Pure Sugar Cane one litter....enjoyed this rocket many people are in line always to buy this sweet sensation.

My friend Freelea brought me 15 packets of Mo Sang King durian from Brisbane today.

My organic mangos are may staples lately.

randomly passing out vegan leaflets feels good to me.

“the appalling habit we humans have of hiding sharp things in food and offering it to animals. We call it ‘fishing’ and convince ourselves that because we can trick animals into hurting themselves, we should.”

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

feeling purposeful?

Lately, I havent felt my purpose as much. Been waking at sunset, headn to beach, enjoying the beach most all day by surfin, swiming, walking, jogging, resting, sleeping, reading, and eating many amzing juicy mangos, dragon fruit, and Melons.
So why havent I felt purposeful? Well my current purpose in life is:
"To Continually improve my natural hygenic lifestyle, to contribute, and to share the vegan message daily. "

I thought about it, and I realized I havent been speaking up enough about the Vegan lifestyle. That can be selfish. Why selfish? Because maybe somebody near me has been ready to hear this message, and I didn't deliver it. Nick and I decided to hand out some "Go Vegan" leaflets on the beaches of Byron Bay....This was fun, challenging, and rewarding....I do like focussing on the pretty girls....Its a great way to break the ice. I spent years trying to meet chicks on the beach with some stupid pick up line, losing mostly......., now I can share the vegan message and either way I WIN.

Just ate one packet of my Mo Sang King Durian for desert.
For Dinner, Jess made me some amazing tomato sauce spread over dehydrated Zuchinni slices, topped with sweet corn, bell peppers and it was tangy and tasty. We shared some with Her 3 non vegan roomates, they loved it.

I had one canteloupe for breakfast
3 mangos for lunch
3 mangos and one dragonfruit for tea

walked 15kilometers today and did one hour of ocean water swimming

time to sleeeeep.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

enjoyin Byron Bay area in AU..

I am living in Byron for a while camping outside of "Jess and Say's" place with Harley, Free, Nick, Julie, and steven...300m to beatiful beach with white soft sand. This beach is a beach that you can be nude at too!, surfing is a great beach break and uncrowded.
Fruit is closely available: Mangos, watermelon, Cavandish and Ladyfinger Bananas, Rocklons, Orang, Papayas, and Sugar CAne JUice. The Bowen mangos we are finding at the Santos Health food store in Byron are outstanding, as well as many of the surround farmers markets.
Byron Bay central is about one hour casual walk on the beach. Byron Bay is a Very intesting little village/town: you can walk around barefoot and shritless comfortably everywhere! Everyone seems to accept you as you are dressed up or dressed down. Many travelors and Aussies around, MORE girls than boys. Jungle all around the outskirts of the town with beautiful birds and nice sounds, Farmers Markets most days of the week nearby!

I feel very at home here with so may vegan friends and surf and Nature opportunities and Fruit and Markets.

And we can get Maylasian durian from Brisbane at YVENS asian market...I tried the "MOSANG KING", it is amazing quality and I believe organic at 12/kilo.

Today food intake:
1/2 liter of sugar cane juice
1/2 Kilo of Bowen mangos

4 valencia oranges
1/2 kilo of bowen mangos
12 medjool dates

1 kilo of bowen mangos
1 kilo of 'black russian' tomatos

body movements:
surfing Naked for one hour
walking beach for 2hours

highight today:
a stranger notice Nick and I eating oranges at a natural food cafe in Byron. We invited him to join. HE had many questions about eating a fruit diet, and seems very interested in trying.

12 medjool dates