Monday, January 25, 2010

macadamia nut party

I just had a party with myself. I sat on a unoperating railroad track and cracked 12raw macadamia nuts with a rock. I was sitting back away from pedestrians crossing, but in Eyes view. Very good vibe and feeling. Birds singin and watching me, nice warm breezy evening before sunset, people to watch and to watch me.
I enjoyed each and every mac nut slowly and I mixed them in my mouth with organic medjool wet dates.
Wow! What a combination of pure raw flavors. May not be a 'proper' combination of foods for some people, but it seems good for me.

Byron Bay is soooo laid back in many ways. Sitting on the track nearby town, I would appear to be an insane homeless skitzophrenic in many places. In Bryon, people dont even give ya a second look.

The Bangalow Farmers Market is soooo wonderful, pay it a visit if you are around here on Sunday's (every other sunday, I beleive).

Nick and I had some amazing organic Lychees this afternoon. Santos in Byron Bay on Johnson st. sells many organic fruits and veggies.

I love eating a fruitarian diet...its been over a year now and I havent felt any negative affects, besides occasional cravings for cooked vegan fare.

here are some benefits of fruitarianism, I believe am feeling them all....


Anonymous said...

Hey dickhead you never answer your messages?

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

wow, got this one....actually never do, sorry.