Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ymmy salad

how do I turn this photo around?

anyways...this is a creamy corn/avocado dressing I made a poured overy spiralized lime juice added at the end and some sprinkled sweet corn.

Today was a Byron Bay Farmers Market. I went straight to the Pure Sugar Cane one litter....enjoyed this rocket many people are in line always to buy this sweet sensation.

My friend Freelea brought me 15 packets of Mo Sang King durian from Brisbane today.

My organic mangos are may staples lately.

randomly passing out vegan leaflets feels good to me.

“the appalling habit we humans have of hiding sharp things in food and offering it to animals. We call it ‘fishing’ and convince ourselves that because we can trick animals into hurting themselves, we should.”


Freddy said...

Hey buddy,

I live in Dallas TX and we got a Chinese Market here with frozen durians coming from the PH. I read a few stuff about durian not being good for people with high blood pressure( A few cases of death were reported in the PH). I have been a Raw Foodist for 3 years now got ride of 3 blood pressure medications but still taking a small pill(Planning to eliminate it as well). Do you think it is safe for me to consume this frozen durian? 1.67/pound , which I believe it is a reasonable price. I enjoy your blog and videos buddy , keep up the good work.
Shalom, Fred.

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

ive never heard of any real problems.....all seemed to be trivia bs.
3 years raw foodist! i should be asking you these questions! good on ya mate!
im eating durian daily still, loving it in Bali