Thursday, February 4, 2010

flew up to Cairns for Akee, durian, and old friends....

spending time on Clint's Farm again (aka Fruitopia).
Im finding Akee everyday on the trees. When its ready to eat, it is opened up and you can see the cheese fruit and the black round seed. That is when I get excited and climb the small tree or jump up to reach it. I love the 'hunt' for good ripe fruit.
The Akee has a flavor of Sharp cheese and some rich nut all in one. It also has an ocasional taste of clams or muscles. It is chewy fruit, with some slight crunchyness. if you chew it up and then spit it in your hand it looks all milky. I havent eaten enough to be full on it as the suppy is not abundant yet. I feel like eating about 10 akee fruits then i feel satisfied, but then i am ready to eat some other fruit 2 hours later.
How do I rate AKEE??? I love it. I rate it on my top 5 fruits. it is a Savory fruit for sure. I love eating it later in the day after I have had plenty of juicier fruits.

Robert and I had some great farm time....we went up the Bump trail and swam alot and devoured durian daily. He picked me up at Cairns airport with 10kilo of durian smelling up the car, we ate it at the airport parking lot.

Judith and Adrian came by Clints. They brought a bunch of Akee that was as ripe as possible almost going over to rancid. This is the best taste I find and texture as it is ultra soft and sharp bitter cheesy taste. The even slightly dehydrated some in a dehydrator to perserve it, and the color changes to cheddar chees color and it becomes ultra rich, bitter, sharp and intense tooo strong for most, but I loved it, ehehehhe...more, more, more...

Judith made me a shreded coconut with sprouted mungbeans and dried mushrooms and Fresh Tomatos ('Oxheart'), and Rocket all mixed together.....WOW!! I got such a great feeling eatin this and the taste was nice....She Said the Harley used to live with them back at the beginning of raw and he was eating lots of this yummy stuff.

Robert brought me 25 kilo of Australian Durian out to Clints farm. We all feasted for breakfast...Me, Mango, Kvieta, Robert, Ian, Michelle.....I love the Au durian, but i do think of Mosang King or monthong as I am eating this durian. I have found the frozen monthong from the Asian market in Cairns is very nice, so I am getting a few of those to eat with my Australian durian too.

Runing from the farm out to the main road to town takes 15minutes...thats the record for Harley to beat!

The peanut butter fruit is very nice too!!

The farm has Keet Mangos now, papaya, jakfruit and plenty of ice cream beans and bananas.

Robert's farm had some Abiu for me to! i love that....he had some Mamay sapotes...some MARANG!! jack fruit....yello rambutans very sweet, mangosteens, young coconuts to drink

The Port Douglas market was cool vibe...i did drink the sugar cane juice...i missed the pinapple crush

Bicycling into Mareeba today brings back memories of the retreat when my dad was here too.

The creek is flowing very strong, and I am spending some hours down in other areas, rock jumping, swiming, and laying around naked practicing naturalism.

I think of surfing in Bryon a bit and being with Harley and Freelea and Nick and Jess, and may be back soon....maybe I meet up with you all in Newcastle with CRis?

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