Saturday, February 13, 2010

2000 calories of bread and starbucks Frap

today after i nice bike ride (rented a bike today for $2),i was hangin out front of The huge Discovery mall that sits on the beach near Kuta. I was drinking a freshly squeezed amazingly sweet Orange Juice that I bought at New Zealand Natural (a commercialized juice bar that does a great job with having ripe fruit).
a few tables away i observed a family of 4 sit down with a big bag of breads and pastries purchased from BreadTalk ( a pastry buffet smorgasbord type place where you grab a tray and a set of Tongs and load up).
The two overweight men polished off 4 big pastries each and one 20ounce Frapiccino with whip cream. They were enjoying this meal very much and i could relate when i used to eat this.
The size and thickness and variety of toppings on each pastry made them approx 400 calories each. the frap is probably 500 calories.

It just goes to show how we do eat alot of food on a 'normal', western death diet, so we must remember to eat plenty of fruit if we are switching to a fruit diet. The equivalance of fruit for that 2000 calorie meal would be approx 20 good sized Bananas! If I sat next to that same family and peeled and ate 20 natural good sized bananas straight from the mother earth I may be the freak that needed help. I doubt i could even have a conversation with with my shirt off, barefeet, sunhat, dark tan, and goatee and wolfing down bananas? nah, not goanna doit.......actually i will, ehehee.D


Serendipity said...

hey, i have read your blog and i have seen that you have lived for about 2 months on ko pha ngan island, in thailand. i intend to go there for about 6 months, so i was wondering if you could help me with some tips: how to find accomodation, how expensive that is by month, etc. let me know if you could help cause that would be great.

durianrider said...

nice vid D. metro laughs.

got a housesit on the gold coast and am rip'n apart the legs of some local riders again.