Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bodhisattva in metro

This is a great video to remind us all not to take life to seriously.

Im in Bali now and loving the contrast of Australia! Bali seems to have so much smiling happy energy in the air that is smiling more already....maybe thats a novelty, maybe its the Asian love affair i have...maybe its the Durian on the street corners that smell so nice...

I had an amzing fruit called a "Wani" a white mango....try blending one of these for a real natural milkshake (no cow pus or drug infested dairy).

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mroslij said...

darrick, i think i want to start eat raw fruit also, be skinny as you. now my performance of cycling very bad, i just realize i put on weight. still remember me? rosli from penang, later you come again here ok when durian start fall down, still remember ang heh, horlorr?