Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Medewi, Bali---waves

I really hope you come visit Medewi! Here is my take on this Jewel of a place..............
I am staying at a place near Medewi, on the west side of Bali. The village life here feels like a blast from the past (maybe how Kuta beach was 40 years ago) Its paradise for me: surfing, durian, laid back village life with cows and chickens all around the beaches, plenty of delicious ripe fruits (mango, papaya, pineaple, snakefruit, avocado, oranges, watermenlon, green melon, bananas) available at the market and beachfront Warung (Gede's place).

My homestay is with a family that has a few rooms attatched to their living arrangements. I get to observe their daily life from my wooden chair out front my room. The children at this home are crawling around in the dirt, sand, or grass under the coconut trees, no need for diapers.Today the home maker was shredding coconut for coconut curry. Yesterday they all shared durian with me. The father is building another two rooms out back and his boys are helping out. The cost is 30,000 rupiahs/night (aprox $3). I am renting a surfboard for 30,000/day ($3/day). The 19year old boy at this home is taking me to the nearby beach breaks for uncrowded delightful surfing, and getting me durian.

I am spending my mornings surfing, then eating fruit on the beach. Mid day reading and resting in hamock on beach Or taking a nap in my bed with my fan on me. Hanging out with the cows (some cows allow you to pet them).
Evenings surfing on a neverending beach break with endless views of coconut trees and rice fields.
The water is about 85degrees! I've never felt warmer water then here. Beginners could safely learn to surf here and plenty of boards and teachers for cheap.

I am planning on staying around here for a couple weeks.
Hire a drive to get here is about 300,000 rupiah.....
A cheaper way To get here, you can take a bemo, or a bus from Denpasar bus station. Bus to MEDEWI.

When the bus drops you off on the main road, walk down towards the beach. Look for "Medewi Beach Cottages" (i am not staying here, this is a more upscale and costs 150,000 rupiahs/ night. ITs easy to find...My homestay is appox 100meters before Medewi Beach Cottages, across from the little soccor (football) field. NO sign here, just ask around for "DD", the guy that eats lots of durian.
IF you are thirsty for some fruit smoootihes, head to Gede's Place, near "Medewi Beach Cottages", on the beach front...they have all types of Ripe fruit to buy or to have them make smoothies for you!

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