Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bali times, sunscreen cause cancer?

Bali times!
Been one year since I was here in Bali.
I am enjoying the vibe very much. I do prefer more underdeveloped places like I have found traveling the last 5 months in Philippines. But something about Bali is sooo special even in the midst of all the consumerism and traffic.

One thing I love here is that I can virtually be shirtless 24/7 and feel totally accepted and not judged. I can go walk around the airport shirtless, or visit restaurants, or walk around the communities of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, or Ubud or go shirtless from 7pm-9pm through the busy city of Denpasar on my bicycle hunting for the durian vendors on the side of the road. Most other SE asian countries don't seem to accept this shirtless behaviour in the cities or small towns, But Bali full on accepts it. I can even go barefoot most everywhere too....I plan to do an experiment of barefoot and shirtless for as long as I can soon.

I feel that when I am wearing only shorts that I am not supporting consumerism and conformity as much, and our skin is much healthier when it can breath freely (if my skin has had enough sunshine for the day, I dont need to put a shirt on, what I need is to get out of the sun.....Since I can do what I want, when I want, as much as I want 24/7, I can do what is best for my health and nature at any moment.)
I feel that sunscreen is not the solution to being safe of skin cancer. sunscreen actually can cause cancer. The solution is to remove the cause, 'get out of the sun'. Not cover up with some chemical that was made in a laboratory and most likely tested on innocent animals.

Most of us don't want to get out of the sun because we are on vacation and have only a few days to enjoy the sun before we are back to the indoor lifestyle of working, etc.... I realize this and have been doing it for the last 37years of my life too. Even now, I do occasionally wear some zinc to cover my nose and chin from sun exposure due to my addiction for surfing.

I plan to improve this in the future and only surf in the early morning and late evening hours when sunscreen isn't needed, but I am practicing patience with myself and foregiveness for doing what I know is not the best for my skin or life at this time and allowing myself to practice as I transition more every day to a natural hygienic lifestyle.

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Balazs said...

Bali must be good! I always wanted to go there.

I agree with you about sunbathing and sunscreen. I dont want to put anything on my skin. This cheap sunscreens made of all kind of shit. I would not use it for anything anymore.

I was sunbathing all weekend and I heard from everybody the same bullshit: "dont sunbath, its dangeorus, and it causes cancer etc..." but cancer comes from inside, not outside. I havent seen any animals with skin cancer.