Sunday, April 5, 2009

my birthday

April 5th was my birthday. I didn't remember this until I had paddled out to surf at Turtle Island in Bali. As the sun was rising, I was feeling grateful for being in the water and realized, 'wow' its my Bday!.
What did I decide to do for my birthday? The same as I do everyday.....Whatever I feel like doing at any given moment. I feel everyday is like my birthday!
I Surfed, cycled to and from surfing, relaxed with my parents at a beach cafe, read, ate delicious watermelon for breakfast, Ate durian and dates and bananas for lunch, and went on a wonderful Durian Hunt on my bicycle in the evening to Renon, Durian street in Denpasar. I stopped at KFC and Mcdonalds to stick some vegan stickers in the bathrooms. I find this to be one of the highlights of my Birthday, activism! I love this, and I am excited to be in a place where I can interact with other passionate activists and connect. I used to be quite a rebel growing up and did some vandalism and shoplifting, I loved the adrenalin rush. NOW I get to do something that I believe is very good and helpful to other people, society and the world. Not only is it good for others, but I feel great doing it AND I get a nice adrenalin rush too as I sneak around and stick stickers up that remind others that Animals are Friends, not food.
Whenever you go traveling the world, be sure to bring lots of vegan stickers to stick up everywhere and give away to children as gifts!!

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Balazs said...

Happy Birthday!

Sounds like you had an awesome Bday!