Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nepal is Fascinating!

Kathmandu is the capital city here and it is largely populated, but no KFC or Mcdonalds is here....still not a well developed city, which I absolutely LOVE. Lots of green grass and green plants here too....outside of the center you see all the Nepalese homes surrounded by lots of green grass and open fields, not many trees. Mountains surrounding Kathmandu.
The people are very kind hearted from what I have experienced....they are not shocked to see tourists here at all. I walked around the city for a couple hours and only had a couple people say anything to me. This is far different than INdonesia and Thailand Cities.

I am seeing different fruits for sale here too.
Lots of Apples, Pomegranates, Banannas, and papaya and pineaple mainly....also some oranges, jackfruit, Pomelos....
Many men on bicycles are selling fresh squeezed Pineapple or orange juice for 20 rupiahs (25cents approx).....fresh pressed Pomegranate juice is everywhere too... for about 70rupiahs($1)...sugar cane juice is easy to find for 20rupiahs(30cents)..

Yesterday I had two meals:
#1 meal was
30ounces of fresh squeezed pomogranite juice

#2meal was
6.5 lbs of ripe, juicy, sweet Papaya
(i found a papaya seller at a small market outside and sat by them for my meal. A mom and dad and one son. I bought one papaya and the man peeled if for me, I ate that and two more..they were shocked at how much fruit I ate...Most people eat fruit as a small snack here.....It was different for the Nepalese people to see a foreigner sitting on the dirty street by the sellers eating fruit...I got tons of looks...I think they may think i am a Mentally retarded person or some sort of mental problem to eat on the dirty street...Many times I like to sit down and absorb the market and busy culture of a place while eating my fruit..Other times I like to take my fruit in my Hemp Bag to a quite natural location to eat.)

Lots of homeless poverty here in Nepal....young boys in groups that are begging and stay together with each other and sleep on the dirty sidewalks....some defigured people begging for money..women with children begging for money...This is pretty intense to see and many people may not be able to emotionally handle it. I believe we are all here on the earth together, but many are less fortunate than others, but we cannot Save everybody. We have to find a way to help people and focus on this and not let other negative things get us down or make us dramatic....if we are helping and serving or contributing in some way we are most likely helping more then most of the world is helping.

I found a local Nepalese work out gym in the middle of a village away from city center...I stopped in for one hour work out...did some weights and enjoyed exercising with other Nepalese (cost was 50cents!).

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