Friday, September 5, 2008

Do you think about food too much??

I want people to share about their relations with food and eating. Sometimes it seems that I think about eating most of the day.
After I am done consciously eating a meal, I think about how long until I will be hungry again and what my next meal will be. From the time I just finished eating until I am eating my next meal, I catch myself planning, visualizing, and fantasizing about what it may be.

I really admire the people that are active/fit/healthy/lean and only think about the food when they are truly hungry and then they are done thinking about food all together until they are truly hungry again.....I would love advice on how I can change into this type of thinking.

I believe that most people who are truly living their passions and purposes in life are more likely to not think about food much....maybe I must be patient to this process more.
Currently, I am traveling SE Asia, surfing, treking, eating tropical fruits, exploring new cultures, and spreading the vegan message, But I still find time to obsess on food.

any thoughts on this subject and personal shares would be wonderful to read!


Freelea said...

Hey Darrick, finally updated my blog and put your link on.

I have always pondered the 'thinking about food' thing too. I believe we are spiritual beings but at the same time we are animals,our physiology suggests this and with this is mind I look to nature for some guidance... look at animals in nature there whole life is about food, they are almost always searching for their next meal...guess its a survival thing. So we probably have that 'thinking about food' thing deep within our design, because food is vital to surviving long term. Its instinctive to think about the next meal.
You are probably thinking about food a lot too because you're hungry!! Immediately after you eat a big meal and feel satisfied are you visualising your next meal already? If not then you've probably eaten enough.

So i think you should give yourself a break! You are doing great!

I think developing your purpose in life further will help too :-)

Was great to read your thoughts Darrick


Gretta said...

When I have finished a nutritious meal, I may think ahead to what my next meal may consist of, but I don't obsess over it.
On the other hand, if my meal wasnt very satisfying, I tend to focus more on my next meal.
Also, when I am hungry, and haven't had sufficient carbs, I day dream about foods that I ate with my Grandmother years ago. Foods that I consider now to be totally dead foods! But when I fill up with carbs, then add some form of raw fat, the cravings go away.
Did you have this obsession with food, while you were hanging out with Harley?
If not, then perhaps your obsession really isn't about food, it might be about being with people you care about, and enjoy being with. After all, that is pretty much what eating times for humans have consisted of, family time, a time for fellowship, not just simply for survival.
Just a thought.

take care and have a wonderful time