Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Surfing Again in NIAS!!, ate cooked food, Rawvegan wannabe

This is a wonderful Surfing location.....in NIAS, a large island 4hours by speed boat from Sumatra. I am in a village called "Sorwaki". There is a perfect Right hand Reef Point Break here that is very consistent. The locals are calling it "Flat" today, but I just finished a 3hour session of Shoulder High waves. The water is about 80degrees, the weather is always perfect around 80degrees. Massive Coconut trees line the beaches here. About 10 guesthouses (Loseman's) here that are $3-6/night, all facing the perfect point breaking surf. Hammocks to rest in and read and watch the beautiful scenery. The guesthouses are all family owned and an interesting way to get to meet the local people. They get upset if you go eat at some other house for dinner, so be prepared to eat their dinners or be a RAWVEGAN and eat all the Tropical fruits you care for and watch them be Suprised.

I am loving this place!! After a long bicycle ride through Sumatra for 3 full DAYs of pedaling through Miles of villages and jungles and cities with such diversity. I was the first white tourist that most people had ever seen before. Feeling like an Alien from another Planet did get a little Old. Even when resting by a stream in the countryside I had kids finding me and coming to stare at me while I rested in silence. I had to be very selective about where I stopped my bicycle, rarely stopping in a village for more than 5minutes due to MASSIVE swarming of friendly local Indonesian children and people swarming me and looking at me.

I had some Local Police come to my room one night in a city in the middle of nowhere...I was getting ready to sleep and they pounded on my door demanding identification and questioning me...Very scary...I was cooperative...I realize they probably thought I was some SPY or something not a tourist. Most Tourists go to touristic places only, so it was too shocking for them to understand. All went well and I moved on in the morning.

FOOD intake lately:

meal #1
7 bananas

Coconut water

meal #2
5 bananas
1cup of steamed white rice
2cups of stirfryed veggies (with possibly MSG)
2cups of roasted peanuts in a shell, salted too.

(I was Fruit deprived and lonely and wanted some 'Comfort' Food, completely uneccessary emotional eating).
RAWVEGAN Wannabe lately.
I justify some cooked vegan food if no delicious fruit available on the roads....now I am constipated and slight headache for 3days due to dehydrated cooked foods when my body is normally so 'clean' from many months of JUICY fruits and veggies.

surfed 3hours today so far!!! feel wonderfully nourished by water and nature and movement


Kev said...

Don't feel bad about eating the cooked food. It will only lead to more cooked food. Just think of how far you have come. It's not an easy path to walk raw in a cooked world.

If you really needed the carbs then the rice would probably the least harmful to your body as a rare occurrence. It's the roasted salted nuts and greasy salty fried veggies that will cause the most harm.

Very few people have no slip ups in the first year or so of attempting 100% raw. That or they just claim to be only 80% or 90% raw. 100% is the real deal and it goes completely against the "grain" of our culture. Keep at it my friend, your doing well.

Enjoyable blog post as always. It must be amazing yet strange to be looked at in such a way by the locals. When I go to s.e. Asia I'll be avoiding tourist destinations at all costs.

I have one question for you and I'm hoping you can answer it for me if you read the comments. Have you had any vaccinations in preparation for your travels? If no, do you have any concerns? I would prefer to not have any injections as I trust the health and strength of my body, and refuse to take any drugs(not that I need them anyway). What about Malaria?


RawKev(from giveittomeraw.com)

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

Your wisdom is very helpful, thank you soo much! I will succeed, i know i will.
i would never take any sort of vaccination or malaria drugs as a preventative measure, but if I get some sickness i will reavaluate it at that time only.
when we meeeeeeeeeeting up for durian KEV?

Kev said...

One day my friend...one day. I'm glad to hear your stance on vaccinations. My family doesn't seem to understand the true nature of vaccinations and have advised me that to not get shots when going overseas is a foolish idea. Needless to say, I'm much healthier than they are in every aspect, and won't be getting any shots. Like you said, if something happens I will decide what is the best decision for treatment at that time.

Happy travels!