Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yelling out loud, "Mcdonalds is BAD!!!!!" at local Mcds

The RAWMEN were in action yesterday, spreading the rawvegan simple life message to many tourists and locals as we toured around the island. I love to see this simplistic type of life of the locals on the country roads, I feel sooo grateful to get to experience all the cultural differences to the western worlds.

Seeing New KFC's and Mcdonalds popping up in some smaller villages really pissed me off.....I became upset and depressed about this for a bit. Harley and I talked about what we can do to. We can get depressed and do nothing or keep sharing with others another way of life. We stopped into a Mcdonalds in Georgetown and yelled to everyone in there that "Mcdonalds is BAD!" we pointed our thumbs down to show our lack of support.....the Malaysian Mcd workers and the customers were all eating their hamburgers and fries and watching us in disbelief. Then I yelled, "Durian is Good!" and they all laughed and smiled, I feel they got the point that not all Westerners support the fast food industry.

-Harley and I Cycled 90km around Penang about 4hours of pedaling time. Found beautiful country roads through fruit orchards: rambatan, mangosteens, durian, chompadek, avocados, soursops, etc... visited some locals at the top of a STEEP hill climb of 2300feet elevation climb in 5km. Ate a durian lunch at a Chinese Monestery on top of the hill overlooking Georgetown and the ocean...relaxed in silence for one hour up in nature...saw bright yellow tropical birds, jumping spiders, drangonflies, centipede, insects, squirels.
-Swam in the Itam dam under a waterfall.
- 120pushups throughout the day.

Food intake:
2 bananas, morning snack
1 coconut water
1lb of durian chunks for meal #1
4lbs of durian chunks for meal #2

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