Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can we handle to be wrong sometimes?

Two atttractive canadian girls were eating icecream on the side of the road, so Harley and I stopped to have a chat. We shared our love for fruit and how we are enjoying the Durian Season here. They asked about Harley's 'vegan' sign on his bike (what a great feeling to be in a position to share with people interested!). As Harley has over 7years of eating a vegan diet, I love to listen to how he answers the questions that animal eaters have, he is very creative with his answers.
The Canadian girls said, 'but we are supposed to eat meat'.
Harley said, "Do you chase down live chickens and bite into them?"
and followed with, "listen to your heart, what is your heart telling you to eat".

This got me thinking about my heart of course. I wonder why I never listened to my heart the first 33 years of my life in regards to animal products. Maybe I didn't take time to think deeply about important issues? Does our society give us this time? I don't think so, we are always fact most people answer the question "what have you been up to lately?", with and answer like "I've been Busy!".
Maybe we must "make" the time to really think with our hearts on ALL issues, and be humble to the fact that many old beliefs may in fact be 'wrong'. Follow our hearts more when it comes to what we support. I believe we support things that we purchase. We truly vote with our dollars. What we purchase will be replaced with another one to meet more demand.
Some People say that The USA is ran by the politicians.
Some People say that the USA is ran by big corporations that donate to politicians.
What corporations would we have in the USA if we only purchased things from companies we personally investigated and agreed with its morals/ethics/values/purpose/mission? Would the world be a better place for all? Is it that easy?

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi


Food intake
10lbs of mangosteens, Meal #1
2bananas snack
3lbs of durian chunks, Meal #2

Run barefoot in jungle 4miles fast pace (ave HR 155)
cycling 6miles

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