Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dragonfly on my knee, todays Cycling race story

Today I had a pleasant jog followed by a swim in a primary jungle swimming hole. I was doing some stomach crunches under a tree and a dragonfly landed on my knee, wow that was neat to see (nice little Rhyme, eh?).
Harley and I just cycled over the Hill and it started pouring rain with thunder and lightning (One bolt was very near me, and the thunder was one second later, louder than ever). We were screaming on the way down in the rain with happiness and energy..all the Malaysian locals were waving and smiling from roadstalls, busses, cars, or homes. We found 7durian on the road from the storm! A big tree fell down and was blocking the traffic and we were able to carry our bikes around it. All the cars had to go back 20km another way (another sign that cycling has many rewards besides fitness, environmental, simplicity)

Yesterday I ate the following:
one coconut water
one banana
4lbs of bright yellow colored Rambutans
10 little chunks of chompadak
3lbs of durian chunks (D11, Red Prawn, SO)

Yesterday I was cycling up a 10km hill to my Durian Dealer and i spotted a muscular white person on a bike ahead of me...I decided to hang with him for a while. He spotted me at the next corner and picked up the pace, so did i. After one mile of a steady pace with my heartrate comfortably at 140beats per minute I decided I would stay behind him all the way up instead of passing him. I choose to ride 'hands free'all the way way up and stay on his tail. He kept checking to see where I was and seeing me handsfree. My conditioning is unreal at this moment due to my daily excercise and 'Clean' RawVegan diet of all Fruits and some veggies. At the top, my heart rate was about 150beats per minute and his was approximately 175beats per minute (I can estimate by how much a person is breathing when they try to speak)...He was very compimentary of my pace and skill and fitness. He is a 43 year old Chicago resident here on a vacation to soul search and figure out his midlife crisis (I told him its a mid life 'blessing', not crisis). I shared my story of having pursued material wealth for many years and transforming to a simple vegan lifestyle. It feels very good to share that I am vegan to other athletes and watch their expression, most seem to be amazed. I hope he sells his business and tries this way of living out...I've experienced both the cosuming and simple/environmental lifestyle and this is the BEST for me. Every day is better. This is the best time of my entire life. I believe the "Best is Yet to Come".
My Raw straight edge RawVegan fruit and veggie lifestyle means I dont contribute to many corrupt companies or consumable product companies
no plastic
no packaging
no sugar/salt/msg/condiment factories
no electricity for lights (mostly, I am sleeping when the sun sleeps)
no electricity for washing clothes
no cosmetic/cleaning supplies needed (cologne, deoderant, toothpaste, soap, dish soap, clothing detergent, etc...)
no excessive clothes (two sets of shorts and shirts)
Very little water usuage (cleaning myself in the tropical jungle streams)
Refill my water bottle with stream water
No garbage from eating (all compostable fruit scraps)
very little petroleum industries from public transport(cycling/walking mainly)
limiting my international Airtravel is next on my goals (travel by boat mainly around Asia).

IF anybody knows a westerner that lives a life with less environmental impact than myself please share with me ASAP!

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