Monday, July 28, 2008

environment, how to eat more raw?

This is a MANGOSTEEN.....I am loving this 'Queen' of fruits! I nice lunch for me is 8-10lbs of this juicy luscious fruit.

1 sweet juicy pineapple
4lbs of mangosteens
one four pound "Chompadak" (like a jackfruit)
12ounces of sugar cane juice
3lbs of durian chunks: d11, d301, AngHair, D35


Ride up a 4 mile hill as hard as I could for 20minutes(heart rate at 170)
Jog up a 4 mile hill barefoot on asphalt, and run back down 1hour and 45 minutes
easy swim in the freshwater resivoir for 10minutes

Many Backpackers were staying at our guest house last week....New Zealand, USA, UK, AU, French. It was nice to have evening chats with different travelors. Most where on a shorter trip than me (one-three months). We still have 3Longterm Nomads from France and one longterm nomad from UK living at our guesthouse. They sure have their share of stories to tell.

Harley and I moved to a new guest house in teluk Bahang today. The Fishermans guesthouse (not the best name for a vegan travelor to stay at, but maybe I can remind people that fish feel pain too).
A wonderful night market takes place this evening in this fishing village, we plan to enjoy the fruit and show people how to make a meal of fruit instead of a snack.

I do remember when I was eating cooked food 3months ago and always wanting to leave room in my tummy for my cooked dinner. I am now realizing how addicted to salts and seasonings and spicy sauces I really was. And the MSG that is in most all Asian food was very tasty for me too (but so were the Bonghits I used to smoke years ago). It would make my heart race with excitement as I was eating the msg and salts. My day didn't feel complete without some sort of salty, savory, cooked food. Now I am preferring the much cleaner diet of foods of nature with no added chemicals, salts, addictives,etc...and no processing required, less impact on the environment.
I read that all the cooking of foods in the world is causing more damage than all the fumes from motorized vehicles. Maybe we all can eat more raw fruits and veggies then we have in the past to help slowdown the environmental destruction. Fried foods can cause Cancer too, even Fried Vegan foods!
For those of you that want to experience a change in your normal routine. Start simply by replacing one meal with raw fruits or veggies. Try eating a large amount of fruit for breakfast. If you normally have fruit on your cereal or yogurt, instead try to triple your fruit and eliminate the cereal and/or yogurt. We can always go back to our old habbits, they will be there waiting.


Ravi said...

Which part of the Mangosteen do you eat? The white part inside or just the red stuff on the outside? Is the white part a seed or the juicy part?

Just curious....I've heard amazing things about this fruit but it costs like $20/lb here so I haven't tried it yet :)

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

eat the white part....juicy sweet taste with a citrus taste also.
20bucks a lb! i must go eat some more now