Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I won the 10km uphill race, fruit power

After spending the day relaxing at a National Park on a pristine Beach here in Penang, I was cycling back to look for some Durian to eat. I hadn't eaten anything all day except 16 ounces of fresh squeezed sugar cane juice and it was 5pm......I was heading up from the beach of T. Bahang and some man passed me on his road bike, doubling my 'cruizing' speed. He didnt say hello or acknowledge me, which seemed odd at the time. I decided to follow him for a while and see how I good keep up with him. After about 10 minutes of grueling Uphill I was within 20yards of him and continued to push myself even though I only had my flip flops on and not my cycling shoes......AFter 20minutes of talking to myself with positive energetic thoughts, "You have more energy than this Darrick, pedal harder".....I was 5 yards away, and continued to push hard. I turned my Hat around backwards, so the words, "FRIEND NOT FOOD" were visable to him as I planned to pass him and be first to the top of the 10km hill. Side by side with him, I said hello and told him he was hard to catch as I pushed on by him and smashed it to the peak of the hill and waited 4minutes for him to arrive. We had a nice chat and he is from Denmark, living here in Malaysia for 10years......what a great opportunity to share with people my veganism...its very shocking to most people how I can have energy to walk around, let alone win races.
I realized during my pain of climbing the hill with a heart rate around 170beats per minute, that I must show people what can be accomplished physically on a diet of only raw fruits, and by making animals our "friends", not Food.

I am staying at a place calle Mrs. Lohs Guest house now, refered by Harley. This place is a secret little haven that most people will never know about, must be referred by someone. Most the travelors here are very experienced travelors for many years (two people here now from FRANCE, one of them knows Harley and is interested in learning more about veganism here name is 'LOAU')...I fit in perfect here....nicely rough around the edges, with several dogs, plants, trees, outdoor porch swings.
Found the durian seller across from the beach, 'TONY', Eng Hoe Durian farm...famous for 'Capri King', white flesh-bitter sweet, nice fiber, slightly creamy....I also Had some 'Red Prawn'( sooo deliciously creamy and sweet, still my favorite!) $12ringit per kilo, normal price. I tried some of Tony's special durian from his farm with no name, but he named it today with me, 'ENG HOE', which was his father's name who died 2years ago. 'Eng Hoe' durian variety, is delicious and only $6ringit per kilo!!! this is an amazing price for the quality! Tony, the owner of the farm, Knew Harley from last year as someone who would eat large quanitites of rejected durian for free. Tony speaks perfect english and I am finding many Malaysians speak english, unlike Thailand.

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