Sunday, June 29, 2008

All you can eat Durian, How do you control eating?

For those of you that have not experienced the taste and culture of durian please replace "Durian" with your very own favorite food. Durian is my favorite food and I am very lucky that it is also Raw, Fresh, Organic, Plant based, and Extremly Healthy with abundant of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, etc.... Even with all the benefits of Durian it can be Negative if one Overeats. Overeating causes many negative factors: Fat, lethargy, bloatedness, gas, potential constipation or Diarhea, depression, boredom, regret, etc....
After 4days of experimenting with 'all I can eat of the BEST durian ever', I have found my Balance....horrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy......I wake up and go move my body in nature: either walking, running, cycling, yoga, swimming....I only drink water and coconut water for 2-3 hours from walking up, then I FEAST on durian after I am hungry.......4-6 hours later, I feast again on Durian....then go to bed close to sunset.......I have noticed that I have increased my endurance and strength due to training harder, lots of hills here. This more intense rigorous training may be due to the nutrients of my organic durian and/or because I must train more to burn off the durian in order to eat more sooner, hehehhehhe. The owner of this BaoSheng Durian Farm, Chang, said he wants to ride with me....apparently his mountain bike is getting dusty.

We had a large group arrive at the durian farm called "Asian Explorers"....Everybody feasted 0n durian together and discussed their favorites....very bonding. It is great to witness the whole operation of this durian farm first hand. It seems very simple....the durian drops from the trees about 25 fruits per tree at peak season, the durian farm worker collects the durian 4 times per day in a huge basket hooked to his motorbike, and we all wait for him to come up to the farm house with the freshest durian, This farm has about 10 varieties.....RED PRAWN is now my top favorite and it is the most expensive, IT is very fiberless and creamy, sweet with slight bitterness and as you eat it you may experience several different flavors and sensations........He sells each Red Prawn for 35 Ringit ($11 US)(2kilo).
Next week I plan to pay double the normal all you can eat daily price of 80 ringit ($24), to stay here and eat all i care for of only the RED PRAWN.....he has two OLD red prawn trees that will start dropping the most fruits ON JULY 4th-JULY 8th!!!
Since the Aisa Explorer group visited the farm, there have been several groups that come to eat durian, so I am able to share my vegan live food Lifestyle with them as they are all very curious about a Whiteboy westerner staying at a durian farm in Malaysia.....I get to explain Veganism several times per day, How I am cycling through Malaysia, and how I aspire to live a lifestyle of minimalism and continued progression in Environmental consciousness and awareness. This is sooooo amazing how I can share and contribute what i feel is very important all while staying out in nature on a durian farm next to a fresh waterfall.

Here is an interesting question.......If you are truly an animal lover than ask yourself this question, "Why do I eat Animals?"......"Are humans really Better than animals"? (that seems rather arrogant to me now, but I used to think this was true, when I was allowing old beliefs and negative society influences to dictate my life more.) I am no Saint now, and I have sooo much room for improvement in patience, compassion, understanding and acceptance that is for sure, but I don't Eat Animals thankfully.....Animals will get their revenge on those who eat them, maybe this helps people to stop eating them.....Some people stop doing wrong things for fear of going to Hell......Some poeople stop doing wrong things because they are wrong.
Go Vegan for 21 days and see how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

with much friendship and love to my wonderful readers,

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