Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mango VRS Cheeseburger Calories

"Nam Dok Mai" Mangos-- Oval with a sharp-pointed tip
ripe fruit are golden-yellow with deep yellow flesh the taste is sweet and slightly
sour and scented.

My lunch today was 8lbs of delicious, juice running down my elbows, Thai "Nam Dok Mai" Mangos (the best here I feel, and more expensive too).....I went to the fruit market on my bicycle and purchased my mangos (75cents per pound). Left with my mangos in my Hemp bag to avoid the use of plastic, and headed to a nice spot on the beach. It is amazing how many looks one gets eating a large amount of fruit. In the past, as an animal eater, I never got any second looks eating a cheeseburger meal.
I decided to compare the calories of a cheeseburger meal and a mango meal.

Total Fat=43.7g

French fries

500 calories
total fat=30
200 calories

Total cheeseburger meal=
1,400 calories
73.7 grams of fat

100 per mango
1/2 gram of fat per mango

I had 11 mangos today for lunch=
1,100 calories
5.5 grams of fat

CONCLUSION: The two meals have Similar calories, but Society is not used to us eating an abundance of something as natural as Fruits or Vegetables......How did we get so far away from fruits and vegetables in our society?

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