Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cycling with Serious Cyclists

Amazing experience I had riding with a group of about 50 Thai Cyclists in the Countrysides of Chanthiburi...the feeling of drafting at highspeeds, changing positions with other cyclists, leading, following, hearing the wind in my ears, Hearing the 'Zing' of the wheels spinning fast, the quietness amongst the group, the feeling of connectedness within the group, noticing how the Thai people interact within a competive sport, the competetive spirit surfacing very strongly at times, seeing so many new sites of nature and Thai village people along the way, the cardio fitness improving, the heartbeating rapidly, the breaths of fresh air on the open road, the constant appreciation and gratitude of the love of nature and being fit and healthy......A New experience for me having been a more loner sports type person with Surfing, running, strength training, yoga. I am soo lucky to have been introduced to a new fascination in my life by Harley Johnstone...Thanks H!
The group separated 3/4 of the way through the ride, I remained conservative and stayed with the second pack of cyclists, Harley lead the first pack until the finish. At the finish, I still had energy reserves and I learned that I must push harder next time and strive to hang with the first pack, thats the best way to get faster and more fit..keep striving for improvement, never settle...just like in life!

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