Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Thai's are crazy about kids...

A friend of ours arrived in Thailand with her 5year old....Gretta and Rachel are from Tenesse, USA...they came to eat fruit and cycle around Thailand with us.. Today I was spending time with the daughter, Rachel while Gretta was speaking with Harley about how to eat more fruit and be more energetic, etc... The Thailand people kept coming up to her as we were sitting on the Lake feeding the pigeons mango scraps....The Thais like to look at here, touch her, try to talk to her and are sooo loving towards her....I asked her mom about it too and she noticed it also...its very different then any other culture I have been in....The Thais in general really love kids it seems and aren't shy about it.....if we americans were to show this attention to other peoples kids in America at a local park lets say, then we may be labled as a pedafeliac or crazy person......How refreshing to be were it is natural to show love and interest in other kids and to even pick them up and hug them without asking permission.
We are enjoying the rainy season here by riding with our shirts off each day.
ate durian and mangos and watched the river go by for lunch.
Excellent Thai massage for $5 is on my agenda soon.
found a cool vegetarian video to show people on Peta..
livin large and lovely in paradise...

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