Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to Penang, Malaysia Now....Durian Farm

The Bus dropped me on the freeway about 30minute bike ride to the ferry for Penang Island (king capital of durian in Malaysia)....after the beautiful 20minute ferry ride I cycled around the main city of Penang Island, Georgetown. I found the durian sellers within 10minutes and sat down at there tables as the durianmaster served me 4 varieties of Malaysian Durian....I feasted for 83malaysian Ringit ($25US!!!), overpaid out of desperation.....I then found a guesthouse for $10/night and slept 12hours, woke early and began my adventure to the Durian farm.
The farm is near about 12KM before Balik Pilao....passing through Ferringe Beach, about 30km from Georgetown, including a nice steep hill.....I was cycling through massive durian trees and rambutan trees and Jackfruit trees and starfruit trees, and mangosteen trees and found myself Singing for the first time in my life...I was singing out of gratitude and how lucky I am at this stage of my adventurous healthy life, out in the middle of the quiet country, cycling, feeling the sunshine and the fresh air blow, free as a song realease may happen soon..the best hit name is "I am cycling through the durian trees of........... Malaysia!" ...."I am cycling through the durian trees of Malaysia!"
Found the Farm and met Chang the owner, a very nice family man (family of 4kids(8,14,16,18yrs) and his wife, all durian lovers)....The durian is DROPPING Daily now...the season is 3months here....I am staying in a tent for 80Ringit per day ($25US) including all the durian I can eat every day)....I got to eat durian with the owner all alone on his farm home Deck that overlooks over 100 durian trees and the Ocean is very visible about 10Km away! nice and cool and fresh up there with a gentle breeze....CHANG answered about a hundred questions from me and I learned alot....BOTTOM LINE: Older the tree the better the taste, and If i want to experience the ULTIMATE taste and even a slight numbness to the lips and tongue, then eat the durians within 30minutes of the time the durian drops from the 60year old+ durian favorite variety so far is D600, bitter sweet......the best I have ever tasted in my life.
I walked all around his Orchard alone and hear durians drop occasionally, I spotted one that was dropping through the branches of the 70ft tall tree and went over and opened it up and tasted it, fabulous......great to eat durian in nature under the durian trees and hear all the birds and jungle sounds.
Almost every day the Farm has a group of 40visiters that LOVE durian and they all feast together...I got to meet some today from Korea...Most all are advanced durian conneseirs, so it is great to have this in common.
200meters away is a waterfall with a pool of water to get wet in...fresh cool water and lots of rocks to walk around or lay naked on to dry out and look up at the beautiful green trees and natural surroundings.
100meters away is a fruit stand that has fesh Coconut waters for 30cents.
I plan to eat only durian, drink coconut waters and fresh pressed sugar cane juice occasionally too.
Today I walked to the bottom of his orchard and RAN up which takes about 10minutes of Intense rigerous excercise (HR at 170 all the way) to reach his home from the bottom....great way to earn the durian breakfast.
The farm I am at.

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