Monday, June 2, 2008

bangkok market

Met up with a new friend named Dylan....Canadian from the Yukon...great guy..recently married a Thai lady..has been in Thailand for 5years on and off..speaks perfect Thai..its fun to hang out with him and watch him speak to the locals..they are sooooo amazed that a white boy speaks so well...they all love it...We went to the fruit market and ate tons of durian together...fruit everywhere...finished with 2pounds of Rambutans each and were tripping over jackfruits as we left...then we wondered around aimlessy in Bangkok 11pm...came upon a huge group of people and all kinds of police in combat gear on was a protest against a corrupt Govt official that is keeping money on the gas price increas or something like that...I wanted to get out of there just to be we left.
Found a nice Park with an outdoor gym to use for $1.....then did some running around the park chasing some Thai athletes.....met some Marathoners....Bangkok Marathon is in Oct/Nov I believe..
Now I am in a internet cafe HIGH TECH with tons of kids around me playing video games on the internet...very loud in here and little kids are bumping into me as I write this...I have to remember to feel and share the Love, instead of getting irritated...
Saw Indy new movie at the largest shopping mall in ASIA "SIAM PARAGON" is Tooo huge...with a huge movie theater on the top floor....massive place....Shopping galore in can go to several malls connected by a skywalk over the traffic.....massive

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