Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30, Thailand, Bangkok

Checking out Bangkok for a few days before I meet up with some Frutarian friends in Chanthaburi....
Since the 1960's, Chanthaburi province in particular (and also neighboring Rayong and Trat to a lesser extent) has been developed as the most productive fruit-growing region of the Kingdom. Great quantities of fine-quality durian, rambutan, mangosteen, longkong, jackfruit, and other tropical fruits are grown annually

Bangkok is Fascinating much going many food sellers everywhere selling all types of fruit, vegetables, Thai food from their motorbikes, carts, tables, bicycles, front steps of stores etc....A great place to be hungry for sure.
An exceptional transportation system here of MRT, Subway, Skytrain, Bus, motorbike taxi's, Tuk-tuks (motorbike towing a carriage with 2-4seats in it), motorbikes with side cars etc..
I found a park to jog around today and do some excercising on the Kids playtoy area (pushups, pullups, situps, etc.), I even went down the slide thinking of my Nephew Josson!
The fitness centers around here are very expensive! 25US dollars!! so forget that..

I am now traveling with out my Guidebook which I find to be more adventurous because when I arrive in a city or location, I have no idea where to go or what there is to I began asking people questions and walking around until I find a place to stay that suits me....I know only carry a small backpack with all my belongings so I dont need to check into a place to stay until I am ready to relax and sleep. I find this way of travel provides more freedom, since I dont need to remember where I am staying at to come back to...I simply wander about aimlessly if I choose until bedtime, then choose a place to in Bangkok I have paid $15/night for a guesthouse type place in a non touristy area of Bangkok....I plan to head to the Ko san road area tonight for cheaper backpacker accomodations and environment.

I met a girl last evening while i was devouring a few pounds of fresh, creamy, sweet durian...she was rather nice, so we may meet tonight for a chat.

I Traveled through Kuala Lumpur Malaysia up to Phuket, Thailand by Bus...about 20hours. There was a wonderful beach near Phuket, Thailand that had surfing!! I never thought I would find surfing in Thailand, but I surced 4days straight small waves but very fun....great place to hang out for afew was called KATA Beach.....
I am loving the Thai people and culture here..they sort of let you be but are there for you smiling and ready to help or answer any questions when need be...
Many are selling things on the streets but never are pushy here at all..they only offer once and understand when you say no thanks..
There is alot of polution here as in most big cities...(around 10million here, I heard)...I enjoy a city life for a few days than must get back to Natural surroundings ...I am feeling the itch already...
I found a RAW FOOD restaurant here in Bangkok!! IT was amazing...I had Raw Lasagne, Thai salad, and a wonderful juice(guava, papaya, and wheatgrass)...I searched for vegan raw food and it came up as a result....very peaceful place and environment to eat..wonderful service...about $4 US per entree...
DAD!! there where at least 4 amazing Golfcourses in PHUKET Thailand...a great place to return to with you...surfing and golf all in one, very close to each other!!
I just finished walking around a HUGE open air market with tons of tropical fruits available, veggies, juices, thai foods, crafts, etc.......

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