Saturday, June 21, 2008

my Consciousness told me to SELL Whole foods stock

During my Thai massage today, I was thinking in between being present to the wonderful massage moment (I need lots of improvement on being Present for all the moments, for sure)....I decided that owning shares in a company like Whole foods wasn't congruent for this Vegan....Whole foods does do so many amazing things, for example introducing vegetarianism to many Animal eaters...thats powerful! I do like the company and will buy fruit there on occasion. I just decided to not be an investor in Whole Foods since they do contribute to the endless suffering of innocent animals and slaughtering of them so people can satisfy their desire to taste dead innocent animal flesh (which is Obviously not needed for humans to survive or thrive.
This was a huge financial Loss for me, as Whole foods stock was down 40% since I purchased it, but the feeling I have going to bed at night will be soooo fabulous!!
Another step in the best direction for me I steps...enjoying and embracing the journey of each new bit of consciousness I become aware of!


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