Wednesday, June 18, 2008

20 hours on the BUS to Phuket.....

This photo looks similar to some of the views I got out my window, I found it on the internet

Wow, nice to be by the beach again....I took a 4hour bus to Bangkok from Chanthiburi, then slept alittle in the Bangkok bus station and took the 5am bus from Bangkok to Phuket (about 17 hours!)...lots of stops on the way...I plan to take a train next time, maybe less stopping....Quite an experience though....all local Thai people, plenty of green lush scenery to gaze at out the window, one guy helped me on the bus by translating a few things...he was a fruit eater too and each time we stopped he would look for fruit as well. Out of 5 stops, we found fruit on only 2 of the stops...This was soooo unreal to me, after being in an abundance of fruit for so long....The suprising part was that there was PLENTY of cooked greasy food, packaged foods, coke's, soda, candy, chips, bread, greasy Thai curries and soups, etc...but NO fruit at 3 out of 5 Stops....HOw can we be in The Fruit capital of the World and have such scarcity? I did some thinking about this and decided that I must channel my anger productively......I must not support all the companies that have forced their nutrient deficient non food to many of the Thai restaurants....Its sooo ironic to witness hundreds of fresh fruit trees out of my window and then to arrive at a food center with not one piece of Thai fruit available.....I must BOYCOTT these companies and remain strong. These companies are contributing to global warming with all the packaging and plastic used and Oils (which many forests are being deforested to grow Palm Oils for cooking)..I now have a reason more then my health to not eat Junkfood, packaged foods, processed foods, cooked foods etc....If I do believe that I vote with my dollars than why would I buy any of this junk? the only reason would be Addiction and lack of selfcontrol.

Being in Kata Beach, Phuket I am surfing again, swiming, enjoying the 'shirt off' culture, eating delicious juicy fruits and Durian....I had the best Thai pinnaples today ever!!! Soooo sweet and juicy....then I had about 6lbs of sweet, fresh, juicy, lemony flavored, luscious Thai Mangos...Wow, I am back to some Yummy food for sure.

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