Friday, June 20, 2008

Kata Beach, Phuket

Surfin Thailand daily now....Brian is here for a few days...Brian lives in Santa Monica, CA...He lives a very healthy lifestyle of a diet of fruits and veggies, excercise, and nature....He loves durian like me...Last night we had to head to Patong beach for durian since Kata Beach was dry...The durian season is tapering here, so one must be more creative and resourceful to find it, and that can be an adventure in itself. I rented a 7'10" Fun board for this mornings 2foot waves....I am suprised how much energy surfing actually takes....after not surfing for one month, I really can notice the different muscles and conditioning surfing requires. The water is very clear and about 80degrees, the sand is very white, the view of the tree covered hills virtually dropping into the ocean is spectacular, the tourists are present in this area of Thailand...mainly Europeans..I did meet one teach from USA surfing today..He teaches Band to middleschoolers in Singapore and makes approximately double the USA teachers salary and lives with less expenses...Apperently, Singapore and Bangkok have a very HIGH demand for teachers of western countries....need to have 3years of teaching experience before applying. A large population of Expatriots are living in Singapore now...very easy lifestyle to transition to from Western cultures (too organized for my tastes...I prefer some 3rd world chaos in the mix)..
Brian and I had a nice lunch under a tree by the outdoor fruit market today...I had Lemonlime Mangos and bananas...Brian had Rambutans and bananas....(the bananas were realy thin and about 4inches, very sweet variety.
We gave a Thai man some bananas and he seemed pleased...I have found that people turn down gifts of fruit here in Thailand, but in Bali everyone was soooo excited to receive free fruit from me, especially Durian..I believe Bali is much more poor.

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