Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Now I am in Chanthaburi, Thailand....I took a late night bus here...3hour ride from Bangkok...I slept soo deep on the bus it felt like 20minutes....I arrived and a taxi gave me a ride to a cheap hotel...$7/night...I slept in until 11am, did some yoga, pushups, pullups, abdominals, and stretching for one hour followed by some meditation. I met up with a new friend Named Brian. Brian has been eating mainly fruitarian diet for one year and vegan for 8years. We walked around a Local market and ate some delicious Mangosteens, mangos, and bannanas for lunch a big FEAST....I tried some of the above Rambutans here, they are juicier then I have ever experienced....It is nice to be in a smaller town than Bangkok and some new things to explore....I am finding the people even more friendly here and lots of Thai smiles everywhere.

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