Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eating 2meals per day feels great!

An early surf experience today of 6:30am (have been going to bed late and sleeping in too much). I much prefer to wind down with the sundown and rise with the sun, I plan to improve this now...The key for me will be to eat my evening meal earlier, so I have digestion time and can get to bed earlier...
I am typically eating 2meals per day and love the feeling and simplicity of this....Today I had about 15 juicy Thai mangos for my first meal between 10-11am. Since then I have slept 2hours, got a thai massage on the beach, used internet for one hour, read my Henry Thoreau book for one hour, drank one coconut water and a slice of pinnaple for a snack......I plan to eat 10lbs of durian for my second meal, as my hunger is approaching.

My new Fruit eating Friend, Brian took his return flight back to Santa Monica today....we enjoyed great times together: fruit meals, excercise, surfing, runs, bikes, walks, chats on the beach, etc.....
Have fun back in CA Brian, enjoy all the melons and berries for me.

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