Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chanthiburi Bike ride to Coast 40KM, sugar cane juice

I am in Chanthiburi Thailand still.....we all rented bikes (I actually bought a new bike, very nice for $285 US)....4 of us(Grant-AU, Harly-AU, Stephana-Italy, Brian-Nyc, USA) decided to bike to a pristine Beach about 40KM away...very isolated beach tourists, Warm water, beautiful countryside, Lush greens everywhere....On the way there we stopped to have a feast of Rambutans ( the red fruit)...We saw all types of fruit trees on the bike ride, Including durian trees....its fun to look around at trees here and see new fruits....we checked into 2 bungalos on the beach and went swimming and took a nap.....Very nice to be out on the countrysides of True Thailand....We have seen only one other white/westerner in a week here in this area of Thailand.....not many people tend to come this way....He was here because his Girlfriend is Thai and lives here.....This area of Thailand is ABUNDANT with tropical fruits...much of the fruits found in all of Thailand are exported from this region....TRUCKLOADS of fruit are found at the local markets...massive quanities....I am loving the abundance...It is great fun to be with my new friends that are eating mainly fruit all day long like me....they have been on this health path for over a year....They all are passionate about Durian as well, so we have a huge durian picknick everynight.....I love to be alone and travel alone, but now i have discovered how nice it is to be in a group of people with similar interests.....Now we are back in Fruit Heaven ton, Chanthiburi......on the way back we found a guy on the side of the road selling fresh pressed sugar cane juice..I drank about was amazing!! sooo fresh and cool.....I feel sooooo amazing eating a fruit energy is abundant..I am more at digestion feels easy...I feel great about not contributing to any packaging or plastic industries that devastate the environment (we bring our cloth bags to the fruit markets and fill up with what ever we desire) I had Mangos and bananas for lunch, all that I cared for....i never have to worry about stop eating because of overeating fats, oils, deadfood, etc........I do think of the cooked foods I used to eat sometimes, but not after I have eaten a large meal of fresh, ripe, juicy, organic, raw tropical fruit...because then I am satiated........we all did a group run and extreem strenght training workout this morning....tonight we are going on a one hour fast bike ride to visit some fruit orchards....earning each meal is the goal here...its wonderfulll...come join us!!

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