Saturday, July 19, 2008

Penang Hill Race today, completed

Harley and I entered a race today up Penang Hill in Malaysia. The race starts with 1000 entrants all Asian except for Harley, me, and one other westerner. 3km of flat road, followed by 5km straight up hill about 2300feet climb. Harley received an amazing 8th place and only took about 52minutes (His heartrate stayed between 170-180beats per minute, mine a little less). I completed the race in 56 minutes (mostly with barefeet, the only crazy barefooter). The winner of the race completed in 46minutes. Some people take 4hours to finish.
We were able to share the Raw Vegan message with many Asians. We also enjoyed advertising fruit eating and drinking coconuts after the race when most people are drinking sodapop, gaterade and eating cooked animal products. It seems when we are drinking coconuts, other people join in and buy coconuts too...this feels wonderful.

RAWMEN--- This is what Harley and I are practicing....We are touring around on our bicycles daily, shirtless and speaking to many people each day about our vegan diets and ecofriendly lifestyles...I told Harley that I feel like a couple of Mormon boys, traveling around spreading the message on our bikes....He made up the word, "RAWMEN", not "MORMON", hhehehehe.

Food Intake today prior to race:
wake up 6am
ate 10 rambutans = 100calories
Race from 8am-9am
9:30am One coconut water
10:30am another coconut water
11:00am 6lbs of mangosteens
3lbs of Durian chunks for diner to be graciously devoured at about 3pm!!

Excercise today:
Cycled 12miles to Penang Hill Race
Cycle 12miles after Penang Hill Race

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