Monday, July 21, 2008

planting Mangosteens, Jungle, fast food culture

Hello wonderful readers!,
I Began my day with some swimming in a pure, fresh jungle stream followed by a wonderful meal of 7lbs of Mangosteens for breakfast. Next, I went with a French travelor named, Patrick to plant our mangosteen seeds in the jungle. Patrick is very experienced at planting fruit trees, and does this daily wherever he travels as a way of contributing back to this earth. He lives in Thailand most of the year on a fruit farm. When I eat my fruit meals I am usually composting my seeds in a natural area which will result in trees growing if they take. This was my first time to consciously plant some trees by digging a little hole and making sure that the location is un-obstructed with some sunlight coming through the jungle trees. Wonderful experience I had with Patrick. I felt very connected to this earth when I did this. I felt connected to Patrick as we did this.

Last night, Harley and I ate Durian by the Monday Night Market in Telak Bahang. We choose a spot 50 meters from the market on the roadside. Many Locals walk, drive, or cycle by us and we get to show our passion for their Malaysian Fruits..They are all very happy to see us eat the durian and we share the vegan message when we can. I sometimes feel lazy to share that I am vegan with the Asians after so many, but I feel it is important to be an example of a westerner that eats a sustainable, environmental diet instead of the KFC and McD's that is so prevalant. The Aians feel Prestigious when they eat at the FastFood places here and It is one of my purposes to show the asian fast food culture another animals suffer option.

Yesterday food intake:
wake up 8am
2lbs of rambutan 9am
1 coconut water 10am
4lbs of sweet juicy Mangos 12pm
2lbs of delicious Durian chunks 7pm

walking 15 minutes
100 push ups
cycling 60km (36miles)
swimming 10minutes in Ocean

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