Saturday, July 12, 2008

Are vegans too Skinny??

Do you ever get told you need to put on some weight, or you are too skinny? The body goes back to its normal size when we stop eating animal products.
Another way the body may appear too slim is by training very intensely, for example Tour De FRance athlete, Rasmussan. I wonder if Pro cyclists get told they are too skinny? Probably not, because this is what it takes to WIN.
If we look at most Pro athletes (Lance Armstrong, Rasmussan, etc..) or very active people, their bodies are slimmer then sedentary less active people.
Sometimes a body may appear too slim or lean in a society full of animal eaters. Most animals are fed growth hormones so they grow faster and produce more milk etc....that way the farm owners increas their profits.
How many wild Horses and monkeys are considered overweight? They seem to be pretty lean on vegetarian diets too.

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Drew said...

dude ... the pic makes you look like you have the worlds worst farmers tan.... can it be true?