Sunday, July 13, 2008

food intake today, vegan conversation with Vetinarian

Food intake yesterday:
2lbs of rambutans
2lbs of mangos
5 durians

Activities yesterday:
group cycling 60km, including a 5km hill that took 50minutes(approx 2600 feet elevation climb).
casually swimming around in ocean 20minutes

Have a new friend from France named Benwa....52year old that looks 30years old! He is in excellent condition and has eaten a vegan diet for 10years, vegetarian for 17years, traveling vagabond 30years. Him and I may travel through Sumatra after Malaysia.

I had 3 hours on a private beach this morning...meditation, thinking time, stretching, easy swim, enjoying my abundance of free time.....Time used to be money to me. I used to say "Time is money", but I feel that was an illusionary visious circle. Money would buy me time so I would keep earning more money to get more time which actually left me with less time.
After my quiet beach time, I met Harley at the durian seller across from the beach near the waterfall in the Jungle by the monkeys. We feasted on some durian and spoke to some tourists. One tourist the other day was a vetenarian who works with animals and helps them be healthy and stay alive when sick. Harley was asking her how she can contribute to animal suffering and slaughter by eating meat. Needless to say it was an interesting conversation to witness. I believe he left her with some thinking to do. Harley has a huge heart and really wants to save more animals from needless suffering. Harley has a direct approach with people and is very talented in his delivery. I am able to share with people better only when they ask and only by my actions. Maybe someday I will be a stronger voice for animals too.


Ravi said...

Actions speak so much louder than words. You'd be amazed at the impact you have on others just by being congruent with nature and your inner values.

vagabondingvegan said...

nicely put Rav!
come join us