Monday, July 7, 2008

lady in black head to diet today..

Many arabic people come to Penang for holidays...the ladies all wear Black from head to toe, even covering their faces. The men seem to wear what ever they want. The ladies seem to walk a bit behind their husbands too. The kids seem to wear what ever they want.
As I was drinking a coconut water on the side of the road, I spoke to a muslim man. He and I were watching the families walk by us. I asked him why the women wear these black clothes. He said they are to 'protect' the women. Since us men are misbehaved we need women to be covered up inorder to control ourselves. Interesting religion. Maybe most men are this way, not sure.

I love sharing the message of eating more fruits and veggies and being a vegetarian....I tell people vegetarian when I travel, because most countries don't have a word for 'Vegan' yet.

I ate yesterday:
5 durian (14kilos)
10 rambutans
2 coconuts
16 ounces of freshsqeezed sugar cane juice
1 mango
1 slice of watermelon

I rode about 70km all over Penang on my bicycle, ran 20minutes, did yoga 20minutes, swam 10minutes

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