Saturday, July 19, 2008

Interviewing Harley

We are at Boa Sheng Durian Farm in Penang, Malaysia. I interview Harley about nutrition. We both taste the 'Hor Lor' Durian.


Ravi said...

Nice job with the hill climb race! Can you post a summary of how much running Harley was doing to prepare for that race? What kind of mileage was he doing?

Also, what kind of greens does he eat?

Drew said...

D - I love your video's, it is great to see you again (even if on a blog video).

You are looking healthier than the past few times I saw you in person :)

After reading your blog for 10 minutes I must say I feel a unusual pain or ache in my heart...a struggle of leave the life I know and travel like you are doing or to continue following the path I have dedicated so very much time & energy to????????


vagabondingvegan said...

Harley has done 129km of running in 2008. He did only 14km of run training in the one month lead up to that race. He has done about 10,000km of cycling in 2008. He hasnt been sore at all since that race, my quads have been 'trashed' for 3 days.
Here in SE ASia We only eat fruit. Harley eats 3heads of lettuce perday back in AU for his evening last course meal.
Buy 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham...amazing inspiring book!

vagabondingvegan said...

What up dude!!!
nice to hear from you.
YOu can always go back to what you know D....maybe try this way for a while!!??