Tuesday, February 3, 2009

innocent pig being killed, amazing! must see now!!

I am out for a morning walk when i hear this loud squealing sound. I go film this and then speak to the local village people about veganism and hand out information.
This was amazing experience for me and my addrenaline is still racing hours later.
A must see!
powerful footage and true feelings


stef said...

OMG darrick, this is video is disturbing.
The commomn saying is that all the jobs have dignity.
I used to think the same, now I believe that some jobs lost their dignity somewhere in the evolution process, and are relly brutalising for men. I wish these people could see this. And please, animals eaters, dont come and tell me that its all necessary and its the laws of Nature. This story is not sustainable. Wake up and let your heart speak the truth!

see u soon


Anonymous said...


Name is AJ. Have been following your travels for quite some time now and just wanted to say you are an inspiration and the world would be so much better having more people like you around. Continue to spread the message. peace love and sweet fruit.