Friday, October 16, 2009

Surfin Aragum Bay

A fellow Surfer named Daniel was taking photos this day. He got a couple of me. ITs great to see myself surfing in a Photo!

After one week of not eating durian, I decided to get creative. I called our tuk-tuk driver in Kandy (7hours drive away from here). He was interested in bringing Chris and I 10 durian for a price of $30USA labor fee. I paid $80usa for the transportation taxi, and $60usa for the 10 durian. Next thing I knew, Cris and I are devouring delicious durian from sri lanka at our beachhut watching waves crash and birds fly....This durian love affair I have needs satiated at any price ($15/per durian is still reasonable to all the USA and AU durian lovers, and it is fresh and organic). I have found Sri Lankan durian to be sweet with very little bitter, but it has a hint of movie popcorn taste and aftertaste. The buttery salty popcorn that tasts so good at the amc theatres if you will. With out the cholesteral, msg, transfat!! it is great puts me back to the comfy seats, A/C, and digital sound technology, and the feeling of my wonderful Brother and family with me sharing a hot afternoon movie.

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Balazs said...

Awesome Pic!

Keep up!