Thursday, October 1, 2009

padang earthquake

Mentawaii trip postponed...., but Im Alive and kickin!! I made it through the massive earthquake in Padang, Sumatra..... 7.6 rictor scale I believe.....I was very scared, I hang on to a tree with another terrified Indonesian man, because I thought it was a tsunami coming by the loud sounds around me... I saw many casualties and hundreds of buildings were collapesed, fire, auto crashes etc... My good AU Friend Chris was outside too, so he is fine.

We organized a flight quickly as we could and made it out of that fault lined area today...I am in Kuala Lumpur for a while then headn to find some waves hopefully somewhere safer in the world.

This was my most scary experience ever, and I am very grateful and happy Chris and I and many others we had met are OK with no injuries.... We felt like more quakes are coming there soon. IT seems they have lots of people who will help, but more heavy machinery is needed to free people. I didn't feel brave enough to stay there and risk death by another quake to help others, if any of you readers are, let me know so I can help pay to get you there.
Chris and I are lucky we could afford to buy a flight and get away.
life changing for sure.
no complaints from me ever again, I hope.


ZenDude said...

Glad to hear you are safe! My best wishes to all who are affected by the earthquakes!

Lynda said...

My Sweet Son,I cannot sleep tonight I can only feel so grateful that we did not lose you in the earthquake. I am also grateful that you did not have to go this terrifying experience by yourself. That you had a friend to support while feeling a great sense of fear and being there to support his fear too. What were you doing when the earthquake began? You said that you thought that a sunaime was coming. When did you think it was an earthquake instead? How did you and Chris find each other after the quake? What was it like at the airport? Were you in Padong or Lake Toba? Please let us hear your voice soon Sugar. Your Dad and Mom miss you and love you.
All my love,Mama

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your safe Bro! Must have been strong experience from what I read...
Best Wishes!

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