Thursday, October 29, 2009

Entered the Philippines, "This Is It"

Been here in Philippines a few days now. I am in Angeles City waiting our flight to Davao. Chris and I have been walking around the city, eating Amazing Durian at the SM supermarket, using internet, getting $6 Massages, sleeping in a Pension house for $5/night, eating Tundan and Lakatan sweet bananas, eating sweet Mangos (season is May/June, but still have plenty around), chatting with many girls (nice change from some other asian countries where girls seem to be hiding), eating Durian inside the huge SM shopping Mall and getting lots of smiles (Philippinos are known for being the most happy out of all the world and smiling and laughing and singing lots! Its very true so far).

Chris and I saw the Michael Jackson Movie, This Is It. I loved it. Very moving, touching, inspiring. Made me dance in my seat most the movie.....I Loved hearing "Beat It", Billie Jean, "man in the Mirror the most. What a message Michael had and still has. GIVE LOVE, Save the planet, Be the change you seek in the world, Love everyone, He really tried. He was such a perfectionist, I could feel this as he was directing things in the movie.
I loved that beautiful Feminine girl he was with in one song. The way she walked and moved and smiled blows my mind. She was afro American, tall sexy, adorable. They follow each other across the stage, as he sings about her...WOW.
GO SEE the MOvie asap and spread the word if you like it.
People that see the movie here in Philippines seem to all be huggin each other on the way out. It made me give My friend CHris a big hug too.

I found a big casino here in this City. I am craving to play Black Jack, so I may succomb to this tonight.

I found a Big Park to jog in here and watch all the people exercise and play sports.

I feel so wonderful in Philippines. Something extra special about the people here and they way they treat foreigners and of course the amazing FRUIT is sooo abundant here..rambutan, mangos, papaya, dragon fruit, Marang, soursop, mangosteen, Pomelo, Wickedly delicious Durian.



Anonymous said...

great blog. where will you stay in Davao? maybe i can come see you guys for a few days. tell me how to get to you.

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

Mati is where we are headn tomorrow....south east Mindanao....take a bus there from Davoa.
enjoy one night in davao to eat the durian at magsaysay park, sleep at Evergreen hotel...
\let usknow if youcome