Friday, October 9, 2009

Surfing again...Aragum Bay, Sri Lanka

Aragum Bay, Sri Lanka is aquaint fishing village, dirt roads, very few tuktuks and cars and motor bikes around, smiling interested Sri Lankans around, few cafes and restaurants, coconut trees, wildlife, cows, goats, elephants, reptiles, birds singing, chilled out accomdation, white sandy beaches that go for miles and miles, AND Fun, consistent, Reeling, long, warm, Right Point Break to enjoy for hours............
Yes, its my new little paradise for about 3weeks (until Sri Lankan Visa expires....but can extend it for $30 for 3months back in Colombo).

Chris and I have found a place to stay put for a bit and get into a nice routine of:
Waking at sunrise, surfing, naping in the sun, eating:papaya, delicious mangos, pineapple, perfect tomatos and cucumbers, avocado.(durian far away, but delivery coming soon), napping/reading in the hammocks, surfing, eating, chatting, hangin with the locals answering many questions about why we aren't married, Why we eat mainly fruits, why we don't eat animals,
why we don't eat Rice and Cury which is their main food, eating 3times perday, spicy curry for breakfast anyone? (believe me I do link tons of pleasure to the curries I am seeing around here and I fantasize about eatin them, but I must remember they are predominately made with Palm Oil (which is devistating the environment, and toxic to my body), SALT, many spices that are irritants to my body, and occasianal Msg's are added...I feel soo wonderfully clean, healthy and energetic eating Fruits,
but the temptation is present unless I eat Enough fruits and then make a huge bowl of my famous....................... RAW Guacamoli
(ingredients: one avocado, 10 small tomatos, one small red onion, 4 limes squeezed, 1/4cup of diced pineapple....and WOW...hold on folks..we got a biggie here...this tastes exceptional to me..

Sri Lanka Civil War?
DONE... after 30 years of lameness, most the locals are saying they feel safest ever and are claiming it is over..the top leaders have all been captured or killed....way different vibe here it seems like than it would have been last year.....This is great for the people and they are soooooo happy to see more interested in us...lots of english spoken here.

Chris and I are wonderful travel buddies...we are always talking about how we can improve it last night we decided not to talk to each other if one person is doing something (preparing food, cleaning up, organizing, walking, etc..)..only one thing at a time..we wait until the other is seated and attentive and ready..this is soo great! we enjoy silence around each other soo much and then we love our long converstations over delicious juicy fruity meals.

Many surfer girls are in this area...most people from Europe, Au, Brasil, Isreal..

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Fruitarian Mango said...

Hiya,, strange that about the civil war, and things being safe there now.. we keep hearing news about boat loads of srilankans seeking asylum in australia.. i guess things can't be quite as calm and safe as they seem to you.. ?