Friday, October 16, 2009

MY surfing pics and cooking show description

I love to see photos of me surfing. This wave was very fun. Great size, speed, and rippableness. All you surfing buddies of mine like Jamie and Paul and Juergen would absolutely LOVE This wave!! Rocky bottom, not sharp...very deep water...I never touch the bottom....barrels seldomly but soo fun and fast.

AFter surfing I enjoy a nice walk up the beach to our lovely beach hut at MARY's Beach hut place (wonderful charming place owned by an English woman who has retired here).

I love watching the locals prepare foods in the countries I travel. Here in Sri Lanka the 'staple' is Rice and cury made 100 ways. ONe man works a stall outside a little store on the beach. I love to stop and chat with him after a surf. He is a lovely Sri Lankan man, tall slim and smiley. He takes pride in his cooking. He knows I am eating fruit now and cant eat his food, but he appreciates my interest as I watch him artfully create things for people to eat.

Besides Rice and Curry, there is another type of creation that the people enjoy. NOt sure the name but here is how it is pepared:
hot skillet
add one tablespoon of 'ghee', (glorified butter)
add chopped onions, garlic, tomatos, and cabage
add two tablespoons of palm oil on top over the hot skillet making loud noises
mix and scrape and stir and scrap
add two eggs
mix and scrape and stir and scrape over the hot skillet making loud noises
add chopped up chipattie breads (which are made with oil, flour, salt)
mix and scrape and stir.....
add one cup of curry sauce (which was made with coconut milk, oil, salt, sugar, spices)
mix and scrape and stir (hopefully not scraping any of the metal from the old skillet into your food)
Serve on a plate if eaten there or on a plastic wrapper if take away(careful of the leeching of plastic chemicals into your steaming hot food).
Eat after adding some condiments like (msg ridden catchup, salsa, sauce with salt, etc)
Trick question.....
What part of the meal is healthy?
Answer is below

I love watching the creation of cooked foods that look sooooo delicous and yummy and smell sooo helps me to not eat them when I see what is actually in the ingredients and watch the process, but I admit it looks and smells great.

tomatos and cabbage only
and a tiny amount of coconunt milk

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Lance said...

First- I love reading your stories of travel and surf in SE Asia. Some day I'll do something similar. But I disagree with your raw stance. While it clearly works well for some, (I know some very fast bike racers who eat 811rv) there really isn't any evidence to show that it is superior to a cooked diet that follows the same macronutrient guidelines and focusses on whole, unrefined plant foods. Your description of the Sri Lankan man shows it: he has evaded many of the health problems of the Western world. He could do even better by eliminating the ghee and oil, but the longest lived large populations eat a cooked diet and do very well. You could ask your boy Harley why he doesn't participate on Dr, McDougall's forum any more, we gave a lot of feedback that contradicts many of Doug Graham's main points. But diet aside, as it is fall here in NorCal, I am dreading the imminent passing of fresh fruit season. It is a long time till next fig season!