Friday, June 5, 2009

Durian farm volunteering, "all I can eat" for FREE

Waking up with the sun, walking around the durian farm and looking for fresh drops is like an Easter egg hunt as a kid. Actually I get to have Easter every single day! Today I found about 20 Durians on "Ms. Loehs" Durian farm and guesthouse in Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia. Ms. Loeh offered me the chance to pick up her durian each day, twice a day. I feel a very grateful, happy feeling walking around and carrying the durian, good exercise too. I am sleeping outside in a 'mosquito' net tent that allows all the fresh air inside, full moon lately, I can see durian hangin from the trees as My head is on the pillow, I pay 50ringit per week only ($15) and accomodations included! My dream life for $15/week!! $60/month!!....I thought "Richie Rich" the comic book about the rich kid with all the material stuff and a butler was the ultimate dream as boy, but I was wrong. Vagabonding Rules!

After 2 weeks in Thailand with several Raw fruit loving friends (Harley, Freelea, Sunnie, Rich), lots of cycling on farm roads, eating many varieties of tropical fruits: pineapple, rambutan, mangosteens, mangos, durians, etc.. I am back to my favorite Durian season location in the whole world. Penang, Malaysia....home of the tree ripened organic abundance. Massive amounts of durian available now here....many different varieties to taste: Yellow flesh, White flesh, orange flesh. Chempadek, Mangosteens, and rambutans are beginning to drop as well. I found a white sweet pineapple for sale yesterday better than Thailand's variety. The mango season is still in full swing it seems, very sweet tasty mangos (almost as good as "NandacMy's in Thaiand). Plenty of coconuts to drink. Plenty of fresh pressed sugar cane juice. Papayas, Melons, bananas are around.

Penang has so much to offer: fresh water resivoir to swim, endless trails in "primary jungle", waterfalls, beaches, cycling through durian farms for miles, river swiming holes.....all within 5minutes from my durian farm guest house (Ms. Loes).

I am not missing Surfing at the moment with so much to do and see and EAT here. I do feel my surfing bug creeping up and am soon to go surf back in Mentawaiis.

Sunnie and Shiva are here in Penang too. Its so Wonderful to hang out with 2 girls and actually enjoy their friendship and learn and grow with them on the Natual Hygienic path. (I used to only hang with girls for sexual possibilities) I went jogging on trail to beach Keratut with Shiva. Helped some locals carry bricks through the deep sand for 20minutes (this feels amazing to help out and suprise the local construction workers)...they cant believe their eyes to see some skinny westerner take the time to carry dirty bricks. little do they know I like the extra physical exercise too.)

Several Cyclists around Penang today...I cycled to Balik Palau to find some fresh ripe Chempadak, use internet, then head to a private white sandy beach....many cyclists to race up the hills today.

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Freelea said...

Great to read your update Darrick :) It does sound like absolute heaven there!
Can't wait to jog, cycle & hike with you guys. So the mangoes are on?? That would be awesome as Im just mono mango'ing at the moment, aiming to go until we get to Penang.
Say hi to the girls for me & see u soon! (Fred P is coming in less than a week & Nick Moss of 30BaD)