Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free life in Penang

I did a little experiment today! I was cycling over to Balik Palau (20km) to drink some fresh pressed sugar cane juice and use the internet. ON the way over I pass by thousands of durian trees, and several farms. I started going up the step little side paths to the durian farm house and asking them for a free durian. Everyone gives me one or two! They seem suprised a white person loves durian. Some have good english, some have broken english. IT is a chance to make a new connection, make someone smile, make someone feel great for donating and contributing their durian, make me feel great to make them smile, make me feel happy and cheerful, make me feel Full from all I can eat free durian whereever I go. I used to feel weird about asking for free stuff from people, but I feel I deserve it now.

I am sleeping at Forest Park for free now. Many exceptional Primary Jungle trails began close to my sleeping spot. Sunnie is paying only $3US for a bunkbed in a private room hostel here, and I sleep outside on veranda.
So many places to sleep for free around Teluk Bahang with shelter. I have my hammock and it has a mosquito net. The weather is soo perfect here i dont need a blanket. Sleeping outside in natural environments assures me the air is more healthy. Many materials used to build houses or paint, or drywall, etc... may not be as healthy for our lungs. I prefer outside with the birds chirping, the stars, and the moon, and the fresh breeze. I have decided to sleep outside for the rest of my life (unless too cold and not proper gear, still wimpy ;:)

So here my life is virtually free if I want it to be. However, since I have money I do find ways to spend it unnecessarily (addicted to spending from my consumer obsessed society for thirty plus years, Internet, traveling to each destination, Name brand durian 'ang hair' and 'D24', sugar cane juice, fruits from fruit stands (if I go to the fruit farms, I can get it free).

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