Tuesday, December 1, 2009

raw retreat in Australia

WOW!!! My friends Harley and FReelea are putting on an exceptional retreat here on Clints Farm in Mareeba, AU (near Cairns).

The arrival evening I met up with Nick and Harley and Freelea and many new faces. There is one raw family here consisting of mom, dad, two boys, one girl...most of the kids have been raised on 100%fruit and some greens, they look sooo amazing and have bundles of energy.

The FRuit is abundant: my new favorites are: Ice cream fruit, Mamay sapote, Chocolate sapote, green sapote, white sapote, and the mangos are some of the best in the world..durian coming today and Roliena possible. The accomodations are my type of 5star: under the full moon, clear sky, stars, in a tent with a see thru ceiling, sleeping next to my father and his wonderful snores and next to the mango tree with huge bats feasting on mangos all night and making neat sounds.

The Farm has massive amounts of fruit trees to eat from I woke up and wnet for a jog around the 2km loop with Harley today...we did it twice in 20minutes, nice pace. later I ate the best LYCHEES ever from the tree, juicy and ripe and abundant. about 25 people here from all over:USA, AU, FRance, Europe, Brasil....great conversations so far...

Harley's first speech was on Hydration...tonight he speaks on eating enough calories (excellent job he is doing)..Freelea is teaching the morning fitness class..Nick is teaching morning Yoga...lots of time to swim in the pristine river...watching dvds in the night outside eating ice cream fruit as popcorn (showed the "Secret" dvd last night)...more fun and new friends ahead...EXCEPTIONAL RETREAT!!! I wish everyone could be here to enjoy, but maybe next time, as they are planning more.

My 4th day without durian and I think of it occasionaly, but i have so much new fruit to enjoy that I am handling it perfectly (but as I write this i almost want to book a flight to Philippines to go eat the exceptional Davao Durian and hang out with the country boys,eheh) Will try some AU durian tonight....I may stay in AU for my 3month visa duration and spend time with new friends.

It feels so good for me to hear everyone share their story of how they arrived at eating a natural hygenic diet...many people had sickness and weight challenges to overcome, some like me just wanted to continually grow and improve their health.
Getting plenty of sleep, Water and fruit sugars to make me feel optimal!

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