Wednesday, November 18, 2009

vagabonding backpack includes:

backpack after full should weight around 8kilo max (15lbs), making it easy to carry on and simple.

--1 tanktop or very breathable cool tshirt or muscel shirt (with a good message on it like vegan, environment, health, etc.)

--1 tshirt, breathable

--1 thin long sleeve shirt

--1 long pants

--2 shorts that can be used for everything (swiming, golf, run, etc)

--1 small headlamp

--tooth brush/floss

--finger nail clippers


--one pair of thin socks

--sandals (like TEVA or North Face style)

--sun hat

--small airmattress

--notebook for journaling and notes

--one book

--one pen

--one moneybelt or fanny pack (to keep passport, money, notes, pen, tickets, earplugs)


--airline tickets or confirmation code

--sunglasses (if you wear them)


--Vegan stickers for village kids, and adults and posting.

--no smoking stickers for village kids and adults and posting


--copy of passport

--2 credit cards

--2 bank atm cards
(write down all your credit card and passport information for emergency)
one thin Bivy with mosquito net for head(like a sleeping bag but light and waterproof, see

--one mosquito headnet (so you can sleep under a sheet and keep your head out in the air but protected in your mosquito net

--one thin bag ( to be used for everything you buy (like fruit especially) to eliminate using plastic bags!)

--5 big bandaids

--one small one blade pocket knife for fruit (must check in though, so you be better buying this when you arrive, otherwise you have to checkin using a big back so it doesnt get lost in baggage).

--one handkerchif (small scarf type thing for cleaning up after eating, or sun protection wrapped around face)

DAD, you must bring your golf clubs!! We will be hiring a minibus and driving down AU coastline from Cairns to Sydney over two weeks, stopping at Agnes, port douglas, Nusa, BironBAy, golf and surf

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