Monday, November 9, 2009

Dahican surfpad

I am enjoying this place again this year....its all just as wonderful: sleeping outside under stars, waking at sunrise, jogging on the white sandy beach, hangin with the wonderful local boys..and now this year its even better because I have my friend Chris here to share it all with, and I am into freediving (the reef and fish and marine life is amazing here...Chris saw some big turtles and seaCows!...bananas everywhere!!


Nathan said...

You are very inspiring! I can't wait to get myself on the road and slow myself right down and learn from every day the lessons I need to know.

If you don't mind, how'd you get the finances to start off your travels and how to you keep funding yourself?

Thanks for sharing your journey, it's totally fantastic!

anna said...

heyyy DD..

It was nice to see you in dahican.

Take care and enjoy with the boys. I am touch of how you care about them though you are not a filipino but sure thing you care like one.

I hope that one day you will bump with your soulmate along the shore. tell me when that happens.

Take care


Anna :0)

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

Hi Nathan,
thanks! I saved money from a home sale and use about $500/month to live now.
you are sooo cool..thank you to see you....send me your face book pics pls...see you in Philppines someday again.

Orange said...

Love Your blog, and the videos are great! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Your are such an inspiration.
Cant wait to live free like you do.