Wednesday, November 18, 2009

update in Philippines

I am now in Lanuza. Feels like home. so many people recognize me and say hello "DD", which is my nickname (durian Darrick).
There is a surfing festival here. I sponsered two boys to come here and enjoy this festival, one is competing. Another man named Randal sponsered another boy to come. The boys are 14yrs old and never have really left their village near Mate..they are sooooo good at surfing, they are loving the new waves and experience. We are all enjoying surfing, eating many fruits (mango season!!! 15cents per KILO 2.2 lbs!, Durian season $1.20/kilo, papaya, bananas: red-morado, lakatan, tundan, seniorita, sugar bananas, jack fruit is here, MARANG is here and in full season...WOW marang is sooooo delicious and cheap 40cents for a nice size one, many other fruits.

Many girls are here and Chris and I are meeting them and chatting and enjoying the femininity all around: smiles and laughing...lots of dancing and kareoke around, the Philippinos seem to love their music and singing... perfect weather....
SO I love the philippines for the Durian, Fruit, uncrowded waves, many girls around interested in westerners, tropical perfect weather, happy smiling resilent people, simply living simply.

I feel amzing now after a 3hour surf session, one kilo mangos, one coconut, and 30 minute nap naked laying on hot rocks in the sun.
I have gained about 15 lbs in 8months, most everyone notices that i am now much bigger, one man said you are fat now.....last year I was 140lbs here, now I am about 153lbs-156lbs. I am feeling the same energy and vitality carrying more weight, but I like how I look when i am more ripped and lean, but getting back to that may mean less food intake, and I am loving the fruit so much lately.
I am very active already so increasing activity seems not so fun to me, since I surf 4hours sometimes, or run/swim/strength train.
MOst people that want to lose weight can do so with increased activity and no change in diet.

I love to get a nice durian and go sit alone somewhere around this festival and just people watch and enjoy my durian very slowly. I love to watch how people interact with each other, how they eat, what they look like, etc... every country has its differences, but one thing remains the same.....All people want to be loved and seek out love in many different ways.

peace in Lanuza 2009!!!

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Nate said...

super inspiring man!
Can't wait to get some waves again, living in the UK for now, itching to get wet again!
Heading for the tropics when i next get on the road! May be a while though...
Anyway, love your vibe!