Thursday, May 14, 2009

From Bali to Mentawaii's surf and food

After one month of fun with my wonderful parents in Bali, I ventured to Mentawaii Islands off of Sumatra for surf adventure. Found a ferry boat from Padang to Siberut (9hours), met some other surfers (French, AU, Brasilian), joined them on a small fishing boat to a smaller island with Ebay, Pitstops Beng-Beng surfspots nearby. What a quiet peaceful little village, no cars or motorbikes, pure jungle and fresh air! Amazing place to surf, within 30minute walk to 5 worldclass type surfing breaks. I feel soooooo amazing living the more simple tropical surfer lifestyle away from it all. I did have massive amounts of Durian dreams and cravings and anticipations for eating it again as it was not available. I must have this wonderful fruit available with the perfect waves too..i will continue the 'search', I have plenty of time, ehehhehe.

Most surfers pay $2500US for 10day luxury boat trips throughout the Mentawaiis (I did this in 2004 and it was great fun). I know how to travel mentawaiis for way Cheap now....I can stay at the breaks for $5/night and eat fruit and walk to the breaks and contribute to less environmental concerns.

I brought bananas to eat for one week and there are always an abundance of coconut trees. The other guys eat a normal SAD diet. I ran out of bananas after 5 days and ate some cooked rice and potatos (this digested fairly well even after 6 months of clean fruit eating). I was amazed how my cravings for more cooked food came about after this (purely emotional, thinking of past foods that were comforting when growing up, due to family and friends, etc...). For the past week I have been eating cooked foods occasionally (rice, dahl, salty veggies, even had potato chips once), even though I am back to an area that has plenty of fruit available IT is crazy how addicting they can be once they are back in my bloodstream. I am less energetic and feel bloated at times and yucky taste in my mouth, moody, sadness (all types of symptoms that are normal to someone that never have eating purely clean fruits for months at a time). I am gentle with myself and foregiving and I know I will return to eating clean and raw when ready. 6months of eating pure was an amazing accomplishment in the environments I have been in with no proper peer group support and I must be content and realize the journey continues. Constant and Never Ending Improvement (as Tony Robbins talks about). Remembering that wherever we are on the path to more improved health, there will always be somebody doing much worse and much better than us. I feel great today about myself

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