Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Throw your banana peels in the streets

I have decided to advertise fruit eating more by leaving banana peels around. I got this idea while traveling through Nepal.
IN Nepal last year, I saw many empty packages of chips along the beautiful trails. As I was eating vegan cooked food then, i would start craving the chips that I would see most.
Genious advertising....I think the chip companies want as to litter their packages, so we see them, become more familar with them, and possibly start craving them. IT worked on me. I found myself buying those varieties of chips at the next village.
So, Now that I am eating mostly fruit and feeling better than ever, I want to advertise fruit and help others remember to eat more of it..maybe this will offset some of the junkfood we eat.

Care to participate? If so, Huck some fruit in the street today, ehehhehe

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